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Fraud Insights

By Lisa A. Tyler

National Escrow Administrator

What is ID Data Verification? Simply put, identity data verification is an effort to establish data accuracy. It is the process of confirming the integrity and consistency of the data. Verification involves checking data against a set of predefined rules or standards to ensure that it is valid and reliable.

The main objective of data verification is to identify any errors, inconsistencies or discrepancies in the data. In the case of “know your customer,” this would mean verifying that the Personal Identifiable Information (PII) given to you by your client is accurate. Discover more detailed information in the article titled “DATA verification vs. identity document authentication.” 

Read “COMPANY signing pen likely saved my life” for the story about one of our most treasured colleagues who was reminded how important our health is to the Company and more importantly, to our friends and family. 


Adjective: composed wholly or chiefly of stars or of outstanding performers or participants

Noun: an outstanding or highly regarded performer within a field *Source: Merriam Webster’s Dictionary 

All-Star was the theme for the 2023 FNF annual escrow training events. National Escrow Administration chose this theme because of our deep belief our colleagues are the All-Stars in the industry. They differentiate our Company from the competition. 

Nationwide, our settlement agents provide a top-notch customer experience which is proven by our market share. They are the best of the best in the industry. 

The in-person continuing education training was conducted in several states on 20 different dates. The topics covered many issues related to risk mitigation and loss prevention. 

Prior to each event, managers nominated individuals they felt were outstanding performers. At each event, National Escrow Administrator Lisa Tyler read the touching stories written by the managers and presented the winners with an All-Star award. 

Although this newsletter features stories of the types of fraud our industry faces, our favorite part is featuring our hard-working employees. Throughout 2024, we will feature our All-Star colleagues. Each month, hear from the managers who nominated them, in the article titled "ALL-stars."



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